Travel Directions to the Chateau La Chaire Hotel, Jersey

Exiting the airport

  • As you exit the airport go straight ahead on the roundabout heading for Beaumont / St Helier. (If you have a car booked with Avis Hire Cars, after collection turn right onto the main road on leaving the car hire depot.)
  • Keep on that road until you reach another roundabout and turn right in the direction of Beaumont / St Helier.
  • At the bottom of Beaumont Hill you reach a filter in turn junction, turn left and keep on this road along the coast which brings you to St Helier.
  • You have reached St Helier when you see the Grand Hotel on your left and a “up-side-down” ship shaped restaurant on the right. Stay in the middle lane heading for the Tunnel and the East. This will bring you over several traffic lights, an underpass and finally a tunnel. (Do not take the road with the sign “The East, Coast Road)
  • Follow further directions from 'continue' below.

Exiting the Harbour from the ferry terminal

  • On leaving the harbour go straight ahead on the first roundabout (all directions) and turn right at the second roundabout heading for the tunnel / the east.
  • Keep in the middle lane that brings you through the tunnel.
  • Follow the directions below starting after the tunnel.


  • After the tunnel keep in the right lane and head straight on at the roundabout in the direction of the East.
  • Keep on that road until you reach a second set of traffic lights where you turn left heading for the North /Five Oaks.
  • Following the middle lane that brings you through two sets of traffic lights over a junction to Mont Millais.
  • Head up hill for Five Oaks, going straight on the roundabout (at the Five Oaks Garage) and follow the signs for Maufant / St Martin.
  • Keep on that road until you reach a t-junction with a church (St Martin’s Parish Church) opposite. Turn right and immediately left (at The Royal Hotel Pub) heading for Rozel Bay.
  • Follow the road until you reach another t-junction and turn right again.
  • Stay on the road till you come to a bay (Rozel Bay) at the bottom of a hill. Turn left at the Rozel Bay Hotel Pub into a small road heading back inland.
  • After the bus stop you find the Chateau la Chaire car park on the left. The hotel itself is located on the right hand side at the top of the steps. For those with walking difficulties limited parking is available next to the hotel if you continue up hill and take the first on the right.